“Leaders need to work on the quality of their inner game,  or their capacity to tune into and regulate their emotional and mental states,  before they can hope to develop their outer game, or what it is they need to actually do.”

(Rowland, Harvard Business Review, 2016)

For Individuals


TDP works with you on assessing and strengthening aspects of career development, decision making, personal and professional goal setting, and work relationships, to make the best use of your unique skillset. Coaching helps you enhance your personal path from where you are and where you want to go.

Talent Development Partners Jill Gibson


  • Assess career development
  • Set personal & professional goals
  • Improve decision making
  • Build work relationships
  • Find the best use of your unique skill set


  • Increase effectiveness in current role
  • Prepare for future roles
  • Add value to company goals
  • Improve relationships
  • Be in demand


  • Quicken or improve career path
  • Clarify goals via dialog & reflection
  • Position yourself for promotion
  • Generate cooperation
  • Find fulfilling work, better pay

Executive Package - New Job or New Team

Four Sessions – Formulate your game plan in your new role or with your new team:  Your team needs clarity and direction, a step most often missed when leading teams.

Prepare your team’s strategy, clarify communication, and execute seamlessly with your plan:

  • Your Workplace Team Vision
  • Goal Setting and Communication of Goals to Team
  • Team Vision and Opportunities
  • Team Development

Combine the Executive Package and Leader Package to set your leadership framework.


Leader Package - Maximize your Leadership

Three Sessions – Power Your Strengths:

When you know your strengths, using them maximizes your leadership exponentially.  Maximize effectiveness when you:

  • Learn your workplace motivators and strengths and use strengths effectively in your interactions and in your role.
  • Apply your motivators and strengths to your performance strategy.
  • Clarify your direction and create quick wins.

Fast Goal Package - Accelerate the Path to Your Goal

Eight+  Sessions – Build your Inner Game Plan:  We often create outer plans that others see, like work strategies or career goals, yet you want to build an Inner Game Plan that you see – running your life and decisions with:

  • Confidence
  • Inner Peace
  • Comfort on Inside with Self

Working from a discovery profile and self-defined values, we work with topics to explore possibilities, connect with your values, and empower your choice of path. You fast track your goal with equanimity and centeredness.

      Love Your Life Package - Live Life with Impact and Fulfillment

      Multi-Month Sessions – Fulfillment Plan:  Create the work you love and align with your values. Together we:

      • Uncover your Gifts
      • Build your Brand
      • Define your Impact

      Using your gifts and unique talents, we create your personal brand.  We discover internal allies and drive the impact most meaningful and fulfilling for you.

          Talent Development Partners Meeting Jill Gibson

          “(Recognize) the emotional impact the leader has as the symbolic leader of the tribe…the leader bears a unique responsibility to help that community feel a sense of collective identity and growth.”

          (Stanford GSB Insights video, Batista, 2020)

          For Organizations


          Leadership Development and Mentorship

          TDP evaluates the strengths and challenges of the organization and the individual to identify paths for growth in terms of competencies, learning, and skills. Our goal is to implement strategic approaches to develop leaders, strengthen the team as a whole, and improve outcomes.


          • Evaluate organization and individual strengths and challenges to identify where there is room to grow.
          • Implement strategic approaches to develop leaders and use their full skill sets.


          • Strengthen competencies, skills, relationships, communication, and team building.
          • Develop managers skills, abilities and job satisfaction.


          • Strengthen interactions with direct reports, peers, managers, and senior leaders.
          • Reflect on perspectives and approaches that work. Strengthen the management team as a whole to have internal promotable team members.

          Organization Development Consulting

          We evaluate and assesses your organization’s structure, procedures, linkage between departments, and relationships among people, to develop strategies and interventions to reshape and improve operating effectiveness and efficiency. Internal workflows, workforce functions, and personal interactions are assessed.


          • Assesses current structure, procedures, links between departments, and employee relationships.


          • Workforce processes and structure are strengthened to drive and deliver enhanced value, products, and services.


          • New strategies increase effectiveness, speed, and flexibility. Reduce costs to the organization.

          Managing Organizational Change and Change Readiness for Reorganization or Acquisition

          TDP assesses current processes, structure, dynamics, and culture, before developing approaches to maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s performance. We will manage the process of planning and implementing change initiatives to engage team members. Our approach increases the effectiveness of change efforts and minimizes costs to the organization. When needed, metrics will be developed to track processes and productivity.


          • Manage the process of planning and implementing change initiatives.
          • Where needed, metrics will be developed to track processes and productivity. 


          •  Better engage all team members in the change process.
          • Increase the effectiveness of change efforts.


          • Stronger communication and learning among departments and team members. Improve transitions during reorganization and policy changes.
          • Minimizes costs to the organization from turnover and impact on productivity.

          Learning and Talent Development

          We assess the needs of the organization and individual to identify learning opportunities, skill gaps, and approaches to skill development. We focus on individual development, as well as designing effective programs and learning materials. This approach ensures a strong working foundation.


          • Assess organizational and individual needs to identify learning opportunities, skill gaps and development needs.
          • Assess individual development to recommend effective internal programs and learning materials.


          • Utilize team member training to build effectiveness and consistency in the organization’s delivery of products or services and interactions with customers.
          • Develop team members’ skills and competencies, enhancing engagement and productivity.


          • Increase learning, knowledge, engagement, and development of teams and indivduals.
          • Tools: recommendations for training website, product or sales training, customer service training, manager development, project management, team building, coaching, self-assessment, 360 degree feedback.

          Human Resource Processes and Systems

          TDP identifies, recommends, and implements human resource processes. We align the organization’s objectives to the strategic vision. We strengthen progress by addressing key workforce tasks and deliverables, including applicant tracking, human resource infrastructure, metric systems, onboarding, training, and establishing cultural norms. We streamline your human resources processes, clarify job expectations and company culture, to ensure smooth transitions for new team members and strengthen workforce systems.


          • Identify, recommend, and implement new human resource processes.
          • Create applicant tracking, human resource infrastructure, onboarding, training, and establishing cultural norms.
          • Align human resources department with organizational objectives.


          • Increase strength and depth of employee engagement and affiliation.
          • Clarify of job expectations and company culture.
          • Strengthen workforce systems that address necessary business tasks and key deliverables to all departments.


          • Develop new streamlined, consistent, and timely processes.
          • Create smooth transition and onboarding for new team members.
          • Strengthen systems to support organization’s direction and strategic intent.


          “Jill’s consulting transformed our business focus and was a catalyst to increasing revenue 7% in a 6-month period. We developed vision and values, customer acquisition, and a metrics strategy. The second phase of consulting included leadership development, enabling our employees to drive and manage business growth. Working with Jill as an executive coach, I transformed from a competent professional to a powerful and effective leader; I gained a toolbox of strategies to lead people and revolutionize several organizations.”

          ~ Justin, CEO, Medical Clinics

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