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Leadership & Organization Development Consulting

Forward Momentum

We align people strategies to accelerate business growth.

We coach leaders to perform optimally using researched-based tools.

We move you and your organization to the next level.

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Develop a strategy to maintain balance

Talent Development Partners can help you develop your game plan.

Articulate your vision • Propel your team forward • Excel in rapidly changing markets


Different Vantage Points

Organizations and team members approach their roles and jobs from different vantage points.


Create Balance

Companies can create balance and work satisfaction with organization development and leadership development strategies.​

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Integrate these Top 6 Leadership Competencies

A leader is effective when:


  • employing their strengths
  • articulating their vision
  • inspiring team unity and growth
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For Individuals


TDP works with you on assessing and strengthening aspects of career development, decision making, and personal and professional goal setting to make the best use of your unique skill set.

For Organizations

Learning and Talent Development

We assess the needs of the organization and the individual to identify learning opportunities, skill gaps, and skill development needs.

Leadership Development and Mentorship

TDP evaluates the strengths and challenges of the organization and the individual to identify paths for growth in terms of competency, learning, and skills.

Organization Development Consulting

Organization development involves evaluating an organization’s structure, procedures, and team relationships to improve operating effectiveness.

Managing Change (Reorganization/ Acquisition)

We assess processes, structure, dynamics, and culture, and develop approaches to maximize the effectiveness of your organization’s performance.

Human Resource Processes and Systems

TDP identifies, recommends, and implements HR processes that align with the organization’s objectives and strengthen the organization’s progress by addressing key workforce deliverables.

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